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Time vs. Money Q&A

By adminmain

Q: Do business owners find time or money more precious? A: Most say time in a landslide. Q: So why, when considering the cost of paying someone else to build a website, write a blog, manage a store... Read More

5 ways to prevent employee theft

By adminmain

According to http://www.statisticbrain.com/employee-theft-statistics/ 75% of employees have stolen from an employer at least 1 time. The median amount stolen is $175,000. The average time office fraud... Read More

Working Capital Requirement

By adminmain

It’s easy to make this mistake. Your business is running just fine and for whatever reason you take money out of the business and cripple it. Yes, the reason your business is crippled is because you... Read More

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Outsourcing – A strategy for stability in young companies

By adminmain

This is a great article from INC. magazine.  There are some things in business that must be taken care of by the owners at the start.  As soon as possible, let them go and hire a pro to do them for you! 4... Read More

One way to skin a cat

By adminmain

Simplified Structure of a Retail Store Financial Manager – Handles Banking, HR, Purchasing and Pricing. Also typically makes the Marketing plan. (Controls Money going out and Manages any Risk to the... Read More

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