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One way to skin a cat

Simplified Structure of a Retail Store

Financial Manager – Handles Banking, HR, Purchasing and Pricing. Also typically makes the Marketing plan. (Controls Money going out and Manages any Risk to the company’s finances on a day to day basis)

Logistics Manager – Handles Shipping, Grading Quality and Receiving Inventory, Technical Information on Products, Merchandising, and Closing Store. (Manages physical Assets in the store and makes sure they do not leave the store except under a certain set of circumstances i.e. Inventory sold at the right price or Equipment checked out by a certified employee)

Sales Manager – Sells inside, sells online, follows up with previous customers and maintains and improves relationships with clientele. (Manages Cash Flow in and negotiates with Logistics manager regarding acceptable margins for certain sales)

Sales Associate – Sells and is strictly kept on staff based on his ability to meet quota. Sales Associate is only hired once sales manager cannot handle all the business in the store. Logistics and Finance managers should be able to help with in store customer flow during busy times of day.