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Time vs. Money Q&A

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Q: Do business owners find time or money more precious?

A: Most say time in a landslide.

Q: So why, when considering the cost of paying someone else to build a website, write a blog, manage a store or help them in their business do business owners measure the money cost but not the time cost?

A: Business owners don’t know enough about most projects to reliably estimate how long they will take to learn and do themselves.

Q: Problems they care about they tend to fix. Why don’t business owners become more reliable estimators in the use of time?

A: Because it is a circular question.

Q: How much time would it take to get better at estimating time?

A: Mind blown, focus on something we can fix right now!

Business owners need more time to do the things they want to do in their business. In some cases employees can be a substitute but often times employees lack the experience, motivation or fiscal responsibility to execute many of the tasks business owners would like to execute themselves.

Q: How do successful business owners keep a balance and get more done?

A: The right consultant for the job at hand.